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We have been supplying custom made sets of car floor mats in any colour, with matching or contrasting edging, to specifically suit any car, for a number of years.

They’re British made from high quality deep pile carpet, foam backed, tough and durable. They feel luxurious – these are not thin carpets, these are delighting owners of prestige high performance cars throughout the UK. We can now offer a custom made, logo’d mat for the boot of your car too.

You can customize them with:

*embroidered logo or words anywhere mat

*matching or contrasting, durable binding

*a wide choice of colours

* Our factory makes mats for some of the most prestigious new car dealerships in the UK, so you can be assured of premium quality car mats at a good price.

Customers owning Ferrari, TVR, Porsche and Aston Martin for example have been delighted.

Note: we will assume any logo you request is embroidered white on the rear right hand edge of the mat as illustrated on the drivers mat unless informed otherwise. Copyright logos cannot be added, but model numbers, like 355, DB7, 360 are suggested.

Please e-mail us with your mat details once your order is placed. As an example of our custom car mat pattern set, orders have been completed recently for Ferrari 328, F355, 550, F430, F40, Enzo, 246 Dino, Porsche 911 (993), Suburu Impreza, TVR Chimaera and many more. Delivery is up to 2 weeks – but often less, usually within a week.

HOW TO ORDER: We dont offer a database of car models we have carpets for, but can do any production car or make a mat from a pattern supplied by you for older or low volume models if we don’t already have the pattern.

Just order your mats below, and let us know manufacturer, model, year, what colour mats and binding you require and logo. Or contact us.


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