Airflow: Protect your car inside with an Airflow Airchamber

We have been long standing agents for many years for the amazing and unique Airflow Air Chamber, an ingenious indoor tent for your car which pumps up to 50,000 litres of filtered air around your car every hour. This keeps it free from moisture, helping prevent rust, mildew and other unpleasant effects of damp caused by changes of temperature which lead to condensation.

With a rigid, 3D internal frame, it stands upright so you can drive your car in after a mere 45 minutes assembly. It’s totally portable and available in 8 sizes to fit your garage and vehicle. The Airchamber turns any shed or barn into the perfect environment for storing any occasionally used items. Eyelets on the top of the AirChamber can provide additional anchoring points in open barns.

AirFlows AirChamber is the choice of professional storage companies throughout the world, the original and still the best of its type.

Accumate: battery conditioners

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Anthony Holt & Sons: Anthony Holt & Sons Ltd have a family history of trading in luxury goods that dates back to 1915. They pride themselves in having perfected the skills and techniques to ensure that their customers always enjoy the finest quality products. These products are fashioned from a selection of natural materials; wood, leather and precious metals and are all hand made in England. Anthony Holt & Sons take great pleasure in creating beautiful, exclusive items that can be appreciated and cherished for a lifetime.

Morethanpolish Ltd are partnering with the company to produce stunning bespoke luxury products, from totally original one-offs or along the lines of examples shown here. They will be the envy of your friends and make fabulous gifts.

Please contact Mr Gil Holt, Managing Director, to discuss your order personally on 07976 431 917, with reference to Morethanpolish, for first class service.

Products are grouped into the following areas. Anything that you would like to be made, in any material, can be produced to your personal specification. These are examples, which can be replicated or modified to your taste.

AutoGylm: the biggest name in British Car care

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AutoSol: German-made and long established,  famous for metal polish

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Blackfire: an enthusiast brand from the USA, a blend of US demands and high-tech German chemical engineering with a loyal fan base

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BLO Car Dryers:

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CTEK: the world-leading brand of 5-year guaranteed car and vehicle battery conditioners. OEM suppliers to Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley and more. We have stocked CTEK since around 2005 and provide expert advice and back-up based on having used the products since then.

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Flexipads World Class: A world leader in car care product application, made in Britain. We have long stocked their foam polishing pads, backing plates and accessories.

Gliptone: famous leather care products

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Gloss-It: Morethanpolish were appointed the Gloss-It Distributor for the United Kingdom in early 2013.

Gloss-It products have been developed over the last 10 years to provide the absolute best in detailing products for the serious enthusiast and serial Concours entrant. Gloss-It products have won more trophies at Pebble Beach than any other product during this period. Take advantage of these sale prices while you can!

Hindsight: Worldwide patented Plastic Screen Restorer, recommended by Ford and supplied to many other dealerships.

Morethanpolish is now the only sales outlet worldwide for this product, as Hindsight themselves are concentrating on manufacture and passed all sales handling to us, as of 2012. The product range has expanded under our stewardship, further utilising these powerful, cleverly formulated products.

Kenotek: A big brand on the Continent on Europe but until now, not well known in the UK. Kenotek products are made to exacting stands in their own Belgian factory in Ypres and are approved by VDA, the German vehicle manufacturers federation. Each product is also REACH compliant, having been tested by DEKRA. Word is spreading and the products are very good in our view – well worth a try as they are a) safe, b) effective, c) excellent value d) well packaged.

All Kenotek car care products are fully compatible for post-Kenolon Ceramic Coating application care, each carries the Ceramic Shield logo on the bottle.

Maypole offer a huge range of keenly priced products for the motorist, especially outdoor and maintenance items. We focus on their excellent motorhome and caravan covers and lightweight outdoor car covers, plus other selected essentials.

Meaco: To keep your garaged car in perfect condition you need to ensure that the air around it is dry – a cover will keep dust off and prevent scratches, and a dehumidifier sucks moisture from the air to help prevent rust. Used together, your car will be preserved.

We have been Meaco resellers for many years, as they are the UK market-leading provider of high technology, well priced machines which are perfect for our car care speciality. Meaco products consistently win ‘Best Buy’ products awards.

Menzerna: Menzerna develops and produces polishing pastes for the industrial processing of many different surfaces. Outstanding economic efficiency and process security are key standards set by the Menzerna polishing system. The automobile manufacturing and refinishing industry relies on that. Menzerna repairs, refines, cares and protects, without silicones and fillers.

Morethanpolish: since 2003 we have sourced innovative, hard to find and high quality products for our customers, and have many items manufactured exclusively for us.

PA Snow Foaming Lances: the original highest quality snow foaming equipment, used by the professionals.

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Race GlazeOne of our original 4 brands when we launched in 2003, a sister company since 2007 (because we liked the range so much). Race Glaze offers a full spectrum of car care products suitable for owners of all cars, for amateurs, enthusiasts, professionals and manufacturers. Fairly priced, high quality products that won’t let you down.

Renovo: The market-leading system for cleaning, restoring and weatherproofing tired, faded and dirty mohair, duck canvas and vinyl convertible hoods, in all colours. Following the straightforward process and your hood ‘looks like brand new’ said TV’s Quentin Wilson (Mercedes SL) – Clean, Revive, Ultraproof. Range expansion of interior care products for carpets and interior leathercare have been added.

ScratchShield: innovative, guaranteed for life car wash grit protectors – vital for safe ‘ 2 bucket washing’

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Zymol: an international watchword for premium car care products, used on some of the finest motorcars created in the most exacting competitions. Since 2008 we have been a leading UK Authorised Reseller, and our company owner is trained in the use of Zymol products, having used most of them, and is always happy to advise on the most appropriate products for your needs.

We invest heavily in our Zymol stock and thus normally physically hold every wax up to and including Concours, not every UK reseller holds as wide a range as us. As we are the UK Distributor in fact, from 2020.

We will gladly ship Zymol products outside the United Kingdom.