Race Glaze Water Filter 14 Litre


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New, taller and 30% more efficient water filter to make your car washing easier – no white water spots and therefore no need to dry the car. Saves time and reduces marring and drying risks. This medium sized 14L filter produces around 1,100 litres of pure zero parts per million filtered rinse water before the resin needs replacement (buy 2 x 7L refill bags). Our smaller, 7L vessel produces 415 Litres, so this new, larger unit is significantly more economical. Its 2.75 times the output for 1.9 times the price, and ideal for those who wash more than 1 car per week.

In comparison to other, ‘window cleaner suppliers’ units, the combination of our resin and taller filter makes this more economical. See our detailed explanation why below. Note that as it is tall and slightly top heavy, you will need to secure it upright. It is illustrated with our 7 Litre filter. The use of “mixed resin bed” water filters to remove all of the dissolved impurities has long been established in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, electronics and metal surface treatment. More recently, large scale car wash systems (such as tunnel washes), window cleaners and horticulturalists have also been using the products to produce water free from impurities.

For the car wash and window cleaning industry, the advantages are that using water which contains no dissolved impurities allows the user to leave the car or window wet, to dry naturally and with no trace of water marks. The use of these filters is not simply a case of just connecting up a unit and running water through it though.

The size and shape of the unit has a big impact on the maximum flow rate of the water through the unit, the volume of water that can be treated before the resin needs changing and also the quality of the water produced. The performance of a water filter comes down to contact time between the water and the mixed bed resin within the unit. The longer the contact time, the better the quality of the water will be, as the resin has longer to remove the dissolved ions (or impurities).


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