Race Glaze Colour Enhance


Plastic trim and rubber dressing


The best product we have come across for restoring the colour to all plastics, interior & exterior – rubbing strips, spoilers, tyres, bumpers, engine parts, interiors.

Exfoliates and restores weathered grey exterior plastic back to the original black, or any other colour, unlike silicone-based products due to being lightly petroleum based, so:

*lasts up to 5 times longer than water based dressings, around 12 months,

* won’t spray off tyres when you drive away

*no streaks or runs

*highly economical thick opaque gel

* for black and coloured plastics, inside and out.

Strongly recommended for as a tyre dressing to leave a matt finish, or buff lightly to leave more satin.

Originally designed to bring ‘back to black’ plastic car bumpers, so if you have these, this is the product for you. Note that best results are achieved if old dressings are removed by a light scrub with a degreaser, such as washing up liquid, so Colour Enhance can soak into the underlying plastic.

Contents: 250ml thick gel


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