Poly Clay 2 bar pack (200g)


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This is a superb, safe, enthusiast to professional grade product, proven to swiftly remove tar, tree sap, flies, brake dust, road debris and atmospheric fallout. Simply, it removes anything stuck to the surface which you would subsequently seal in with wax. Its the difference between a car that looks shiny and one that is glass-smooth, without little pimples of dirt. This product is safe to use by anyone capable of washing a car, will not scratch or marr when used correctly. It is non-abrasive, so will not remove scratches or swirls, but will remove anything stuck to the surface of the paint. Then, you can apply your wax to seal in this glass smooth surface. Lubricant provided is more than sufficient to enable complete usage of the clay. Our previous pack contained 130g of clay, quantity is now increased to 200g. Colour is now white and purple – two bars, white being mild, purple more powerful, and effective on harder to shift debris. Our clay bars have been consistently highly rated in AutoExpress Clay Bar tests. In September 2009 we merited ‘a strong bar-only choice. Progress was good on the paintwork, while it performed better on the glass’.


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