Motorhome (RV) Covers


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Motorhome (RV) cover – Breathable and Water Resistant Covers for year-round protection on motorhomes and camper vans

Our motorhome covers are manufactured from high quality, heavy duty 4 ply polypropylene fabric. These Recreational Vehicle covers offer the best possible protection for your vehicle against wind, rain and airborne pollution at a great low price!

Our covers are:

  • Breathable, so can be placed on a wet vehicle and which won’t sweat, preventing the growth of algae and mould
  • Provides offers excellent protection from UV, keeping it cool in summer
  • Give superior water resistance – only the heaviest of prolonged downpour will penetrate anywhere, and any moisture will soon evaporate back out
  • Offers protection from the elements – wind, rain, snow, hail, frost
  • Provides protection from prying eyes and fingers, scratches from kids bikes and passers by
  • Keeps your RV free of bird mess, tree sap, verdigris, moss, mould, leaves and general dirt which takes so long to remove in the spring.
  • Straightforward to fit, with elasticated corners

Simply covering your motor home with a cover can save hours of work!

All covers have elasticated hems to provide a snug fit in addition to multiple securely stitched nylon webbing straps with fast-clip buckles to secure the cover firmly over your caravan. It will not blow off.

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Up to 19 feet (up to 5.7m), 19-20 feet (5.7-6.1m), 20-21 feet (6.1-6.5), 21-23 feet (6.5-7m), 23–25 feet (7-7.5m), 25–26 feet (7.5-8m), VW Camper Cover – T2, VW Camper Cover – T3, 4, 5, 35