Heavy Duty SnowFoam Lance (Karcher K)

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Snow Foam Lance inc. adapter

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The Heavy Duty Foam Lance attaches directly to your pressure washer to create a powerful dispenser of snow foam for Touchless car washing.

Used as a Pre-Wash process, the Heavy Duty Foam Lance will mix your favourite Snow Foam with a high pressure water flow to create a thick foam which clings to the vehicle. This softens and draws off dirt and grit from the vehicles surface. After a few minutes dwell time, the foam is then removed with either the pressure washer or open hose. This process eliminates a significant proportion of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls on the paintwork during hand washing, and dramatically softens organic material such as manure which afflicts rural cars.

The lance we supply is not an Italian-made PA Lance as per the photo – so many good alternatives are available that most in the market don’t want to pay £45 anymore.

Karcher K-series connectors are made of high quality hard wearing nylon. Other fitments are available – please note fitment shown on the main image of the lance is NOT Karcher – the correct fitment is black and shown in the second image.

Colour of fitments may vary from illustration. Rinse your lance for 30 seconds with clean water through your pressure washer to eliminate clogging.


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