Satin Soft Stretch Indoor Car Covers

For that sleek, close fitting look, sometimes a normal standard fitting cover isn’t good enough.

If you have curves, show them off, and if you have a tricky angular classic or vintage motor, non-stretch covers will hang uncomfortably.

So our new soft, stretchy indoor car covers are ideal, and at a very keen price too. Their satin sheen looks superb and they come in a choice of 4 colours and now, 6 sizes.

Made from premium 180 gs/m stretch polyester with elasticated hems front and back, and supplied in their holdall own bag, they will flatter any car.

They are dust proof due to a high density weave, are machine washable and lightweight. These covers are breathable, which is important to prevent moisture build up and paint problems. And they won’t scratch your car – they are incredibly soft.

Choose from these colours: Red, Black, Dark Grey, Blue

Sizes and prices

Sizes are based on your vehicles length, width and height (from the sill upwards). Note that they do stretch so if your car is within these tolerances, don’t go up a size:

up to about 30cm longer
the combined width and height is up to about 40cm greater than the dimensions below

Examples of sizes (Length, Width, Height)

Extra Small (385 x 165 x 120cm) fits: Lotus Elan, Elise, Fiat 500 (new), Mini (classic), MGF and similar cars. Price: £99

Small (405 x 165 x 120cm) fits: Porsche Boxster, Ferrari 308, 328, 246 Dino. Price: £105. Buy direct here

Medium (430 x 165 x 120cm) fits: Porsche 911 (993, 996, 997, 991), Cayman, 944, 968, Mercedes C Class (coupe, CLC, saloon), Ferrari F355, 360, F430. Price: £115. Buy direct here

Large (455 x 165 x 120cm) fits: cars of similar size to the Ferrari 599, Bentley GTC and Aston Martin DB7 shown above. Price: £125. Buy direct here

XL (480 x 178 x 120cm) fits: smaller MPVs like Audi Q3, Quashqai, BMW X3, Touran. Price: £135. Buy direct here

2XL (510 x 178 x 130cm) fits: BMW X5, Audi S5, Range Rover Evoque, large Bentley/Rolls Royce, S-Class, Defender 90/110. Price: £140. Buy direct here

Car Covers Database

Select your car make and model from our database below. If you’re unsure or your car isn’t listed, please contact us – we may have the pattern or can work out the correct size for you