Protector-4 Car Covers – Outdoor

Superior 4-layer breathable outdoor car covers with a soft, fleecy lining

  • Highly water resistant
  • Soft fleecy lining to prevent scratches / marring
  • Can be applied to wet cars
  • 7 different sizes
  • Strong elasticated ends + underbody strap
  • Durable heavy gauge 4 layer fabric
  • Supplied in Protector-4 drawstring bag
  • With reinforced eyelets for Cable Lock (available separately, £10)
  • Guaranteed for 12 months + 1month
  • Suitable for indoor use too.
  • Perfect for cabriolets

Our Protector-4 outdoor breathable covers are carefully designed for those who wish to cover their car when parked outside from dirt, birds, tree debris and myriad other threats to your cars paintwork. They also have a soft, fleecy lining to remove the risk of marring or scratching caused by ill-fitting, coarse fabric car covers.

With 7 sizes catering for cars from small sports and city cars to the largest luxury limousines, we can supply a cover that is car-shaped and will fit snugly to protect your car from the elements.

Protector-4 covers have welded and double stitched seams for strength and water resistance.

Breathable car covers are recommended for cabriolets as they allow any moisture retained in the fabric of the hood to breathe out, which prevents creation of a warm, moist environment for green algae to grow.

In heavy storm conditions a light film of filtered water may be forced through the covers’ breathable membrane, but this will gradually wick or evaporate out when rainfall ceases. We recommend that all car covers are removed ahead of periods of exceptionally high winds.

Your car cover can be cleaned by washing in the same way you wash your car – spray with water, sponge down with gentle car shampoo and rinse off, leaving to dry.

To avoid that sinking feeling that your purchase has just gone out of warranty, in the rare circumstances that a problem may arise, we offer an extra months warranty over the usual 12 months you would normally receive.

Sizes and prices

 Small Length 4.05m   £112.00 Buy now
Medium Length 4.3m £115.00 Buy now
Large Length 4.55m £118.00 Buy now
XL Length 4.80m £120.00 Buy now
2XL Length 5.10m £125.00 Buy now
3XL Length 5.35m £130.00 Buy now

Car Covers Database

Select your car make and model from our database below. If you’re unsure or your car isn’t listed, please contact us – we may have the pattern or can work out the correct size for you