Vertar V-Clay Fine (White) + Free Lube Concentrate



Vertar’s own superb value, hi tech detailing claybar for safe, easy removal of bonded on surface debris on vehicle paintwork, glass, lights and bumpers. This finer, white clay is less aggressive than the blue, medium clay, for lightly or normally soiled paintwork.

Now with 25ml of FREE Lubricant Concentrate for you to dilute up to 500ml in a spray bottle (not provided) for even better performance. No other ‘water only’ clay bar nor claybar and lube package is such outstanding value.

We’ve reduced pricing even more now on this detailing essential to an amazing £7.50 inc vat.

  • Big value 200g bar
  • Requires only water or FREE Lube to lubricate
  • Effortlessly removes tar spots, tree sap, bug residue, brake dust, railway dust, industrial fallout, overspray
  • Easy seal flip top box

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