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New in our premium paste wax range, available in hand poured small sampler jars. 48% pure white Carnauba plus long-chain PTFE which give sincredible durability and a great shine due to the carnauba. Large enough to do two coats on almost any car – 3 small cars can each receive a coat from one single jar, whilst a big car such as a Bentley Arnage can be covered 1.75 times or a 4×4 once. The product benefits from being used very sparingly, spread thinly, which is also to your benefit financially. Of course there are alternative PTFE-enriched waxes on the market, well one which we know of, which has only 40% Carnauba and costs almost twice as much…which is why these samplers make great sense. If you’re not sure about any of our full size waxes, give them a try with these Two Car Sample jars. They work out at approximately the same price as the full size jars too, pro rata. (Please note this is for the small wax pots ONLY, not including the 5 bottle pack as pictured)


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