Satin Soft Stretch Indoor Car Cover – XL




For that sleek, close fitting look, sometimes a normal standard fitting cover isn’t good enough.

If you have curves, show them off, and if you have a tricky angular classic or vintage motor, non-stretch covers will hang uncomfortably.

So our new soft, stretchy indoor car covers are ideal, and at a very keen price too. Their satin sheen looks superb and they come in a choice of 4 colours and now, 6 sizes.

Made from stretch polyester with elasticated hems front and back, and supplied in their holdall own bag, they will flatter any car.

They are dust proof due to a high density weave, are machine washable and lightweight. These covers are breathable, which is important to prevent moisture build up and paint problems. And they won’t scratch your car – they are incredibly soft.

Additional information

Fabric Colour

Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Red