Race Glaze Snow Foam Concentrate (500ml)


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Touchless washing and pre-soaking are increasingly popular, delivering a thick, clinging foam of very small bubbles to soften dirt and slowly drag it away from the surface as the foam drips off your vehicle. To soften bugs, mud and salt deposits and road film, whilst not removing wax is the key and for this you need a non-TFR based foam. Race Glaze may not be first to market with this product but its newly and very cleverly formulated, highly concentrated (offering twice the diluation ratio of some other products) and PH neutral – did we say that again ? For enthusiast users with 1 or 2 cars, your 1 litre bottle will do 3-4 cars before you need to add more concentrate. 500ml of concentrate will foam around 30-40 cars ! You do not need to buy 5 litres !


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