Race Glaze Signature Pre-Wax PRO 1 litre


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Based on the highly regarded non-abrasive pink pre-wax cleanser, but with added heavy grade diminishing abrasives for successful removal of heavy swirls and scratches on older, abused or oxidised paint of all types, and for serious paint correction. Recommended best applied by DA by professionals or experienced enthusiasts. Regarded as providing similar cut to Menzerna 203S. /*Excellent paint colour restoration capability due to oils*Removes oxidation safely*Oily product spreads on pad and surface easily*For heavy correction – permanently*Ensures surface is ready to accept wax without a wipe down – a true ‘one-step’ product*Saves times over using separate products*Body shop safe*Recommended prior to use of Signature waxes 42, 55 and Black Label waxes, or any of your choice*Most economical 1 litre size*/


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