Race Glaze Signature AquaGlide AutoWash (250ml)


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Vertar were provided with pre-production samples of this new 2012 product to test and we were highly impressed. You need very little to generate loads of dense suds which last, so the product doesn’t go dead in your bucket, and the solution feels lubricated as they claim, so your wash mitt does indeed glide over the paintworks surface very easily. We managed to clean 2 cars and a van with the single bucket of product so although its more expensive than some shampoos on offer, it works out very good value, especially given its performance. We predict it will become very popular. Mere bubbles don’t clean cars though – a gentle cleansing formulation which allows your wash mitt to glide over paintwork and allow the soap to work on dirt, teasing it away from the surface cleans a car. Adding unspecified quantities of exotic natural sounding ingredients also doesn’t guarantee the perfect wash solution. So, taking all this on board Race Glaze created what they consider to be maybe the finest concentrated vehicle washing soap on the market, and worthy of inclusion in their Signature line-up. Race Glaze have blended premium grade ionic and non-ionic surfactants and other clever ingredients to produce a phosphate-free, solvent-free biodegradable concentrated soap without added salt, totally suited to all vehicle paintwork. Its pH neutral so won’t degrade your carefully applied wax either. It’s also purposefully not a ‘wash and wax’ – use Race Glaze AquaBathe if you prefer added protection. And for the bubble-lovers, it does produce a dense, long lasting foam too. Most importantly, you can feel its slickness in your wash bucket with your fingers, and you’ll see its effect as your mitt or sponge glides over your paintwork. You’ll enjoy the results – a superbly clean, high shining vehicle achieved with minimal effort. AquaGlide is formulated to more than compete on performance with the most expensive boutique shampoos on the market whilst being priced at much more modest levels. Vertar strongly recommend you try some. Dilution ratios vary depending on local water hardness – it is misleading to state anything else, though this is a thick, highly concentrated product so you will need less than you think.


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