Race Glaze Black Label Concours Wax


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Black Labels’ unmistakeable padded black box reveals a handsome and weighty solid billet aluminium jar weighing 650g, bespoke manufactured for their flagship product. Feel its weight and luxurious silken anodised finish – it really does feel the part. The O-ring sealed lid is laser etched to make Black Label unmistakeable. There’s another rubber O-ring on the base to make it non-sliding too. Turn the masculine lid, redolent of a Ferrari filler cap, to reveal 270ml of smooth, white Grade 1 refined Carnauba and oil rich soft wax. At over 66% Carnauba content by volume, compare its technical spec, which is silicone-free too, with other waxes costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds more. Each jar, which is refillable by Race Glaze, should coat 40-50 cars with a deeply reflective, nourishing and warm glow, leaving it looking literally wet to the touch. Its protective capability, tight water beading and longevity are assured. Its careful formulation allows a huge proportion of a car to be waxed before effortless buffing off without residues. Its ease of use and results will leave you stunned. Each jar carries a watermarked Certificate of Authenticity, your guarantee of the finest ingredients skilfully blended and poured by hand in limited quantities. If you want the best for yourself, as a gift or for your clients as a professional, this is the wax for you. Forget ‘celebrity’ detailers waxes in cheap plastic jars at twice the price !


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