Race Glaze 55 Wax Prep & Maintain Kit


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*/Signature Pre-Wax Cleanser (250ml)- a fantastically easy to use cream cleanser to rid your paint of oxidation, stains, surface debris and discolouration, leaving the perfect surface for the wax to bond to. For paintwork with light swirls, the Cut & Cleanse Kit is recommended*Pocket Microfibre Applicator for perfect fingertip control and economical application of Pre Wax.*Signature 55 Wax (230ml) – probably the best wax to come onto the market in the last 2 years, this soft, oily (and therefore easy to work) wax leaves a dripping shine, not only on dark colours but also whites and silvers. Sufficient to coat 35 cars, and lasting up to 6 months or more, your car will look showroom with this product, which has won numerous prestige Concours events since launch.*Yellow wax pad for application – or use hands*Clearmist Detailer (250ml)– a carnauba rich maintenance spray wax with gentle cleansing properties to maintain your finish between waxes or upon arrival at events. A quick spray and wipe just peps up the finish a wash too.*2 new Signature Microfibre Polishing Cloths, each superbly soft, 60cm square and machine washable*/ Paint Protection Film – in some instances on light cars where shinkage or damage to the film has occured, some slight staining may occur. Please contact us prior to order if you have such a car.


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