Race Glaze 4×4 Wax


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A new 2011 wax from the highly regarded Signature Series range 48% pure white Carnauba Fortified with high density PTFE for maximum longevity Recommended for off road, recreational, track and heavy use or high mileage vehicles such as 4x4s, quad bikes, race or track day cars, commercial vehicles Ideal for oversized vehicles due to longevity which reduces waxing applications per year Spreads easily, buffs off by hand with no hazing, dust or residues Sufficient for c.25 coats on a 4×4 NEW Signature 4×4 Wax – DescriptionThe new Signature Series wax for Spring 2011. Developed from our successful Signature Series, this latest addition is for heavy use vehicles which lead tough lives and need extra durable, heavy duty protection. A relatively soft wax between 42 and 55 in consistency and Carnauba content (48% pure White carnauba, class-leading content for PTFE-enriched waxes) and a delight to use. Our easy to use flat, opaque, double bottomed jar makes it easy to see how much product you have left, and get a wax pad (supplied free of charge) in to get on with the job. For a shine that lasts, Signature 4×4 wax is just the job.


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