Race Glaze 42 Wax Cleanse & Maintain Kit


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*/Signature Pre-Wax Cut & Cleanse (250ml)- a variation on the pink (non-abrasive) cream cleanser with fine, diminishing abrasives to rid your paint of light surafce swirls or scratches, oxidation, water stains, surface debris and discolouration, leaving a smooth, clean surface for the wax to bond to. *Pocket Microfibre Applicator for perfect fingertip control and economical application of Pre Wax.*Signature 42 Wax (230ml) – with 42% pure white refined Carnauba wax, this soft, oily (and therefore easy to work) wax leaves a deeply satisfying shine, not only on dark colours but also whites and silvers. Sufficient to coat 35 cars, and lasting up to 4 months or more, your car will look stunning with this product*Yellow wax pad for application – or use hands*Clearmist Detailer (250ml)– a carnauba rich maintenance spray wax with gentle cleansing properties to maintain your finish between waxes or upon arrival at events. A quick spray and wipe just peps up the finish a wash too.*2 new Signature Microfibre Polishing Cloths, each superbly soft, 60cm square and machine washable*/ Paint Protection Film – in some instances on light cars where shinkage or damage to the film has occured, some slight staining may occur. Please contact us prior to order if you have such a car.


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