Nano Series Gloss TopCoat Sealant (500ml)


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Harnessing complex modern nano-technology Race Glaze bring you an incredibly durable and highly protective paint sealant system. It will make dirt adhesion very difficult, protect against bird mess and flies, chemical attack and therefore make washing very easy. This premium paint sealant is for all paints on cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes – any paint on any underlying surface. Equivalent to the systems utilised by modern franchised car dealerships, the Race Glaze Nano Series Sealant TopCoat works hand in hand with its Primer, which is essential to ensure proper adhesion by cross linking the clever polymers within the product to the vehicle paintwork. Note: this product leaves a molecular thin layer on paintwork, so will not fill in swirls or light scratches. It is therefore best applied to new, fresh paintwork on new cars or those which have been thoroughly machine polished to remove defects.


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