Nano Series Cherry Sealant Shampoo (250ml)


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New, concentrated pH balanced shampoo which is designed to be perfect for maintaining your freshly Nano Series treated paintwork. Leaves a fine streak free gloss finish due to brighteners and gloss enhancers in the formula. It also contains long chain nano polymers which actively bond with the sealant surface to preserve your finish. Its formula is thick, so you will need only 1-2 capfuls even in hard water areas (much less if using filtered water) per bucket to wash your car. Its distinctive colour and delightful black cherry aroma make it a delight to use. Note that Race Glaze do not insist that this soap formula is used to maintain the Nano Sealant finish but it will assist in maximising your investment in time and product when you first applied that coating. It is also perfectly safe for use on all brands of waxed surfaces. Other Race Glaze pH balanced shampoo concentrates are safe for all paint finishes coated with Race Glaze Nano Paint Sealant.


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