Menzerna Super Finish 3500 (PO106FA) 250ml


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Representing the ultimate culmination of the development of Menzerna clear coat repair system, SuperFinish Plus 3800 is the industry standard for fine finishing polishing of scratch-resistant car body clearcoats.

With its high powder concentration and improved liquid formulation, 2500 grit sanding marks can be removed on fresh scratch-resistant and conventional clears. Light scratches and hologram defects are removed faster, with less dusting and minimal polish residue.

In reality this is the closest Menzerna do to a single step product. SuperFinish is Menzernas advanced solution for OEM assembly plant applications, body shops and detailing/reconditioning specialists.

It can be used with either a rotary or random orbital polishing machine such as the Meguiars G220 or Kestrel DAS-6/PRO.

If you are looking for a perfect, hologram and swirl-free finish on the darkest paint colours without any hiding or filling of defects, SuperFinishPlus is your first choice for permanent defect repair. Contents: 250ml


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