Meaco 10L Compressor Dehumidifier


Very stylish, quiet compressor dehumidifier perfect for flats & small homes. Electronic controls. Extracts 10 litres per day.

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To keep your garaged car in perfect condition you need to ensure that the air around it is dry – a cover will keep dust off and prevent scratches, and a dehumidifier sucks moisture from the air to help prevent rust. Used together, ensure the cover allows air to move around the car.

We supply five in-garage dehumidifiers suitable for single cars or collections of cars, including a large double, triple and quadruple garages.

All are suitable for the UK and are specially selected by us for use in Garages. They incorporate automatic controls that constantly check the relative humidity and temperature and adjust the airflow to prevent mildew, condensation, damp and mould. You can seal the garage with Gap Stop aftermarket seals available from us – a draughty garage will just make the unit work harder for longer, but is still suitable for dehumidifier usage. All our dehumidifiers are also suitable for domestic use inside your home – steamy bathrooms, laundry rooms, older damp houses and storage rooms such as cellars.

Adsorption Dehumidifiers work by rotating a plate of desiccant crystals past a heating element which draws off the moisture. Refrigerant or Hot Gas machines draw in air to condense on a cold plate where it is drawn off. Adsorption machines are more effective at low British temperatures in unheated spaces. These are of course all suitable for other applications like homes, holiday cottages, boats, caravans, cellars, sheds, storage units and garages.

Please note we can ship dehumidifiers outside the UK by special arrangement.