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In conjunction with three major manufacturers of funeral limousines and hearses, Eagle Specialist Vehicles, Wilcox and Duffy Coachbodies, we have custom made a range of covers to protect the delicate paint finish of these oft-washed vehicles.

Our covers are custom made for:

  • Eagle Jaguar XJ Limousine and hearse, and 2010 XJ
  • Wilcox Volvo (2008) limousine and hearse
  • Duffy Mercedes limousine and hearse
  • Will also fit Ford, Daimler, Vauxhall and Bentley/Rolls Royce

Indoor funeral hearse and limousine cover options:

a) Standard fit soft brushed poly-cotton in light blue, which fit Limousine only.

b) Model specific custom made hearse and limousine covers in a choice of colours in a  ‘peachskin’ feel fabric which is light shower resistant, dust proof and machine washable.

Available in black, navy blue, sky blue, red, charcoal grey, Sand, yellow, dark green. Made to order

All covers have elasticated front and back and are supplied in a bag.

Outdoor covers options:

a) A breathable tri-ply spun polypropelene fabric, which is water resistant, in light grey, standard fit for Limousines only, as hearses are too large. Shower and fairly heavy rain resistant, but a downpour will leave some filtered, clean water on the car which will breathe out. Can be put on a wet car. Standard fit.

b) Totally waterproof custom made heavy duty flurocoated cotton drill, in navy blue, dark green or black. These covers are proven and durable, close fitting and made to order in our UK factory. the fabric has a fine, nano-tech coating which makes water bead up like a well waxed surface. Made with underbody straps, double strength elastic both ends, and supplied in a large bag.

c) The peachskin type covers can be used outdoors on a temporary basis only.

Covers are handmade in England from patterns made on the actual vehicles so are tailored to fit. Delivery from 2 days upwards depending on your cover choice.

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