Gloss-It One Step Machine Gloss

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Corrects up to 70% of paint imperfections, tremendous value for money too

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Gloss-it’s One Step Machine Gloss corrects up to 70% of paint imperfections – the new bar for all one step polishes.

The chemistry behind our new polish was designed with a unique blend of our three different paint correction polishes and our final LSP finish. Gloss-it’s One Step Machine Gloss will repair, restore, and protect in one step and leave a mirror like shine without leaving swirl marks or scratches.

One Step Machine Gloss is safe for all conventional clear coats, single stage paint, and Nano Ceramic clear-coats. One Step Machine Gloss can be used by hand or by machine for best results. Use an Orbital Polisher with Yellow and Orange foam pads for heavy paint correction and Green and Blue foam pads for light defects.

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