Frost-o-Holic Waterless De-Icer (500ml)


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Our own alcohol based waterless de-icer for superb frost clearing performance. Cheap and diluted ‘great value’ de-icer solutions from supermarkets and car accessory stores contain water to bulk up the bottle, to give you the feeling you have bought lots of product. You’ve not – just lots of water and increased transport costs to shift it. These cheap products refreeze upon mixing with melted frost on your screen. The result is having to repeat the process or rely on air demisting, scraping or peering out of a porthole. Race Glaze Frost-o-holic contains no added water, and the low freezing point of its key ingredients, Ethanol and Methanol, ensures it wont refreeze even on a thick and very cold hoar frost. Thus it is a highly effective, quick and efficient way to clear ice and frost off your car windscreen. Contents: 500ml, trigger spray. Made in the UK.


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