Door Protector Pads


A simple concept for protecting car doors and bumpers against accidental damage, dents, chipped paint work and scratches in and outside your garage!

The Race Glaze Door Pad, created from high-density 3-layer foam, adheres directly onto the garage wall in the position most appropriate for your vehicle.

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The Door Pad has a powerful self-adhesive backing, so no screws, nails or tools are required. The adhesive sticks reliably to brick, stud, concrete etc, inside and often successfully outside too– so there is no need to be a DIY expert. You can fit a Door Pad almost anywhere – many customers fit two – one at the end of their garage to protect the bumper and one where their door opens.

Each Door Pad meaures 100cm x 50cm and 25mm thick, to provide excellent protection. If necessary they can be cut to size with a sharp knife to fit around pillars, buttresses and alcoves etc.

It takes only a moment of lost concentration or an over zealous child for your pristine paintwork to be ruined by that ever present wall, but you can fit a Raceglaze Door Pad in just seconds. Once in position it will serve you for years. Buy one (or two) now, before you damage your car!

Please note a slight change – the purple stripe is now red. Use outside is also widely practiced but additional glue may be needed.


Self-adhesive bump protection pad – apply to the end and sides of your garage to prevent dents and paint scrapes when you drive your car in and open the doors. 100cm x 50cm, 2.5cm thick. Exclusively made for us. Delivery in UK only – for overseas please contact us.

Beware visually similar copycat products – thinner single layer foam, smaller dimensions, not 100% adhesive backed, and more expensive!

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