Concentrated Pink Snow Foam 500ml


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We may not be first to market with this type of product and we’ve tried a few out and taken note of what the professionals say. So, we’ve made our own ! Our white SnowFoam came out in November 2010, just when you don’t want to dip your hands in a bucket of freezing water, this very clever formulation is highly concentrated (offering twice the diluation ratio of some other products) and is PH neutral – did we say that again ? And for a bit of fun we’ve made this PINK version available now. To soften bugs, mud and salt deposits and road film, whilst not removing wax is the key and for this you need a non-TFR based foam. So one more to us. We also wanted a really thick, dense clingy foam of small bubbles – big bubbles won’t put product in contact with the surface, and it needs to only slowly fall off the vehicle. We think we’ve cracked that too. Size isn’t everything – a big 5 gallon bottle may look impressive but there’s a lot of water in there to bulk it up. We made ours thick and concentrated so you don’t have to store 5 gallons at a time ! And this means we can ship it anywhere as its also safe and economical to do so. For enthusiast users with 1 or 2 cars, your 1 litre Snow Foam Lance attachment bottle will do 3-4 cars before you need to add more concentrate. 500ml of concentrate will foam around 30-40 cars ! You do not need to buy 5 litres ! But we do a 2.5 litre size for the pros. Note: this product is only effective in a Snow Foam Lance Kit attached to a pressure washer. Available on this site from us. CAUTION: This product contains dye which will stain hands and clothing. use great care when handling. Avoid using on fabric convertible tops.


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