Car Transport Cargo Net


Car cover net for safe open trailering – keep your car cover intact !


The solution to transporting a treasured vehicle whilst covered on an open trailer.

Any car cover, unless made for the job at huge cost, will billow into a balloon shape when you get going and rip itself to shreds within a few miles.

Simply attach one of our cargo nets to the outside of your cover and your cover will stay down and stand a far better chance of arriving in one piece. And your race car, classic or Concours entrant will be as it was when it left your garage.

No scuffing from flapping covers.

Use two nets for extra long or tall vehicles – standard saloon, coupe or race cars will only need 1 net.

  • 5m x 4m 10cm mesh weatherproof nylon vehicle transport net
  • 2.3mm diameter nylon mesh
  • Selvedge edging and hand threaded bungee cord for attachment to your trailer