British Classic Wax


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Classic cars need constant attention, not just to the mechanical and electrical systems, but also to the exterior paint finish. Many cars sit unused for a large portion of the year and are then exposed to high levels of UV for summer motoring, where their paint can become faded quickly and attacked by burn out from insect residues and bird mess. Older single stage paint, cellulose, two-pack and paint on both metal and fibreglass needs feeding with oils to stop fading and keep it flexible.It needs protection from UV, bugs and birds, tree sap and stonechips, sunlight and scuffs – which a good wax made for the job can do. That product is Race Glaze British Classic wax, formulated for owners of classic British cars from 1930’s Bentleys to 70’s and 80’s MGs, Triumphs, Aston Martins and Jaguars. Its no coincidence that the product label features classics such as the E-Type and Auston Healey 3000. Oh, and a delicious aroma of passion fruit and melon too.


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