3M Perfect-It Yellow Polishing Pad (150mm) 50536


3m Perfect-IT Yellow 150mm Polishing pad, velcro backed


3m Perfect-IT system polishing pads are made from long lasting waffle foam. Designed and colour coded for use with 3M Perfect-It III Extra Fine Compound.

This pad effectively helps to remove light scratches, swirl marks, and defects from both refinished and original paintwork. For improved efficiency and best results, these pads are easily attached to 3M Back Up Pads for use with a rotary, DA or Rupes-type machine polisher.

  • Achieve a hologram free finish
  • Get excellent value for money due to durable, long lasting waffle foam
  • Get maximum polishing efficiency
  • For professional body shop use

Use 3M™ Perfect-It™ Polishing Pad for finer and softer polishing and a more efficient way to achieve an exceptional high gloss finish in repair works. It helps to quickly and efficiently achieve a perfect finish.

Efficiently remove light scratches, swirl marks and defects from refinished and new paintwork using our 3M™ Perfect It™ Polishing Pad. Made from waffle foam, our pads are designed for repeated long term use, to provide excellent value for money. They’re big enough to take care of jobs efficiently, yet small enough to store away easily. For best results, use with the 3M machine polisher and 3M Perfect it III Extra Fine Compound 80349 – designed for easy attachment to our 3M back up pads. Part of our award winning next generation range of colour coded compounds, polishes and pads, our pad is designed to help you repair paint defects with greater ease and efficiency.

Suggested Applications

  • Use to remove swirls, scratches and defects from new and refinished paintwork