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Initially dubious…
by Russell Du Lieu, Salisbury, 09 February 2016

I went for this product on the strength of the reviews but was still dubious about it being able to perform as described.
I washed my gleaming metallic black XKR (in the evening sun) and then rinsed it off with the 0ppm filter – and then walked away.
1hr later no water drops and no water marks, brilliant!

Most amazing gadget
by Garry Smith, Worcestershire, 16 October 2015

This is the single most amazing car cleaning gadget I have ever come across.
My business partner has just bought one too.
The reviews are true !

Simply Fantastic!!
by Daniel Cahill, Orpington, 30 June 2015

So the filter was delivered today, hottest day of the year so far, thought I’d give it a whirl on my jet black focus….. I must admit, I was apprehensive! No need to of been though, honestly I have never used a product so good!! The air temp must of been around 29 – 30 degrees, the paint work was even hotter and nothing, absolutely no water marks or anything, truly the best product I’ve brought as a detailing enthusiast! Excellent product and not to bad a price. Definitely worth buying!!!

By Sharon, 28 March 2016
Does exactly what they claim, pure filtered water, leaves no water marks even if you don’t dry the car. Brilliant
An Australian review
by Liam Kalas, Sydney, Australia, 24 December 2015

I’m absolutely loving my filter, now that Summer’s hit Australia it’s a godsend being able to wash in direct sunlight and heat without fear of waterspotting, plus it’s cut out the drying phase of my wash routine therein reducing the chances of marring.
Sceptic convinced
by Steve Heidukewitsch, Mansfield, 07 September 2014

Brilliant product – no water spots, no need to leather off even in bright sunshine. When you see so many good reviews you get a little suspicious but the reviews are good because the product is great!

Exceeded my expectations
by David Chambers, Upton, Newark, Notts, 02 September 2014

It has been almost a years worth of using this amazing water filter the best £100 that you will spend on any cleaning product Porsche Basalt Black shows every water mark! But no more….in fact a pleasure to wash the car now even in bright sunlight!!

Larger tank sizes are available on request.

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Showing all 15 results