Cymbal Doctor Cymbal Cleaner

Welcome to the European presence of Cymbal Doctor, the multi award winning cymbal polishing and restoration product range.

Cymbal Doctor

Cymbal Doctor really is revolutionary. Its simply the best cleaning and restoration systems for cymbals, gongs and much more!

Developed in the USA and tested by both main drumming publications there, winner of every test it has entered, Cymbal Doctor really will massively improve not only the looks of your cymbals in only a few minutes but will also restore the original attack and sound.

Cymbal Doctor will make tired, old looking cymbals look brand new, dramatically increasing their value and desirability. Its a must have for professional and gigging drummers, music shops, marching or brass bands and enthusiasts.

I’m Mark Wibberley, hobby drummer since I was 17, which was a good while ago and was amazed when I tried this system – and my main business is selling car polishing products! I’m delighted to be working with Cymbal Doctor Founder Larry Jaworske in bringing the range to the UK and Europe.

We will ship anywhere in Europe, rates may vary from our standard site rates so please enquire. As used by leading rock bands such as Metallica, Kiss and many others.

Note: Cymbal Doctor is not available ANYWHERE else in Europe. All European sales enquiries sent to the USA will be forwarded to us.

What the UK press say…

‘Results – undeniable….Cymbal Doctor delivered the goods…the treated area gleamed…dramatic results’

Soundlab 3 way Polish shootout, Drum Magazine (Feb. 2012)

‘a new and quite extraordinary cleaning system… Cymbal Doctor is different. The results were astounding – it works beautifully, there is simply no better product on the market in its price range.

Modern Drummer (July 2012) see full review here read article



Simple visuals tell the story – before and after using Cymbal Doctor

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Showing all 6 results