To keep your garaged car in perfect condition you need to ensure that the air around it is dry – a cover will keep dust off and prevent scratches, and a dehumidifier sucks moisture from the air to help prevent rust. Used together, ensure the cover allows air to move around the car.

We supply in-garage dehumidifiers suitable for single cars or collections of
cars, including large double, triple and quadruple garages.

All are suitable for the UK and are specially selected by us for use in Garages. They incorporate automatic controls that constantly check the relative humidity and temperature and adjust the airflow to prevent mildew, condensation, damp and mould. You can seal the garage with Gap Stop aftermarket seals available from us – a draughty garage will just make the unit work harder for longer, but is still suitable for dehumidifier usage. All our dehumidifiers are also suitable for domestic use inside your home – steamy bathrooms, laundry rooms, older damp houses and storage rooms such as cellars.

Adsorption Dehumidifiers work by rotating a plate of desiccant crystals past a heating element which draws off the moisture. Refrigerant or Hot Gas machines draw in air to condense on a cold plate where it is drawn off. Adsorption machines are more effective at low British temperatures in unheated spaces. These are of course all suitable for other applications like homes, holiday cottages, boats, caravans, cellars, sheds, storage units and garages.

Please note we can ship dehumidifiers outside the UK by special arrangement.


Adsorption dehumidifiers
Adsorption dehumidifiers work like this:

1. Moisture from the air pushed by a fan to a desiccant carried on a rotor.
2. Moist desiccant is carried around to a drying sector, where gentle heat drives the water off and into a reservoir.
3. Dry desiccant moves around ready to take more water from the air.
4. The water is stored in the integrated tank or taken away by the hose. With no chilled plate which can freeze, its perfect for unheated, unattended spaces like garages.

This technology works well at all temperatures. It has previously only been cost-effective for large commercial applications.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers
Refrigerant dehumidifiers make use of the tendency of water to settle as dew on a cold surface.

Air is passed over a refrigerating element, where moisture condenses and is carried away.
Low cost Refrigerant or compressor based dehumidifiers rely on drawing ambient air over the chilled element which, in an unheated environment such as a garage or boat means they ice up a few degrees above Zero and it may take a long time to defrost the unit when temperature rises slightly. This is inefficient, making an inappropriately purchased unit spend less time actually removing mositure from the air than a desiccant unit.
Inside a building or house icing up due to low temperature is much less of an issue, and our Meaco compressor units, the Meaco 10L and Meaco 20L, are very quiet, stylish and effective indoors, in house, cottages and flats, without the expenses of adding defrost capabilities.

Cheap dehumidifiers
Cheap compressor dehumidifiers won’t keep your garage dry and your car free from rust and mildew all year round.
This is because the refrigerating element will ice up as the ambient temperature falls. The unit becomes ineffective just at the time you need it most to keep your car dry. And ensure any unit you’re considering has the capacity for your garage without having to work flat out all day. Low cost DIY store compressor dehumidifiers usually have fiddly knobs to set whereas our ‘made for the job’ units have more accurate, easier electronic controls. They are simply useless in an unheated garage, boat or store room.

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