AirFlow AirChamber

Protect your car in a garage, barns, workshop or shed with an Airflow Airchamber

We have been long standing agents for many years for the amazing and unique Airflow Air Chamber, an ingenious indoor tent for your car which pumps up to 50,000 litres of filtered air around your car every hour. This keeps it free from moisture, helping prevent rust, mildew and other unpleasant effects of damp caused by changes of temperature which lead to condensation.

With a rigid, 3D internal frame, it stands upright so you can drive your car in after a mere 45 minutes assembly. It’s totally portable and available in 8 sizes to fit your garage and vehicle. The Airchamber turns any shed or barn into the perfect environment for storing any occasionally used items. Eyelets on the top of the AirChamber can provide additional anchoring points in open barns.

AirFlows AirChamber is the choice of professional storage companies throughout the world, the original and still the best of its type.

Technical Features

  • High quality lightweight PVC material is UV protective, anti-static, flame resistant and withstands temperatures as low as -25ºC
  • High-tech static trap filtration system removes all abrasive particulate matter from the atmosphere ensuring your vehicle/items remain in pristine condition
  • Once only assembly, fully portable when erected
  • Easy access and removal of vehicle/items when deflated
  • Full height panels on either side to allow access to the car doors
  • 12v brushless fan motors, for maximum longevity and efficiency
  • Base sheet is a highly durable nylon-plastic weave which is fuel, oil and brake fluid repellent. This tough construction makes it possible for minor maintenance to be carried out.
  • Eliminates rapid changes in air temperature, preventing condensation with a virtually moisture free environment, eliminating damp and mould
  • Power usage – 7w, each motor is 0.26 amps – annual running costs less than £20

Air Chamber – How it works

a – Air is drawn into Air chamber through filtered fan units
b – Recirculating air dries object(s) inside
c – Excess moisture and stale air leave via zips and vent

Controlled environment systems re-circulate clean air inside the storage cell, whilst filtering out airborne impurities like dust. In these conditions, even damp objects are dried – the breeze created by the air currents aids evaporation, just like on a washing line. It’s like hanging your car out to dry.

Evaporated moisture within the Airchamber is then allowed to escape with the airflow, as it gradually seeps from the vent and closed zips. Replenished by fresh, filtered air from the fans, the environment will therefore always remain fresh, as well as condensation-free as rapid changes in temperature are prevented.

With a virtually moisture-free atmosphere, rust and mould cannot develop; the reason we don’t say totally moisture-free is because even ‘dry’ air contains a certain, natural amount of water vapour. This helps prevent natural materials like wood and leather from losing their qualities.

AirChamber ensures that the process described above is as efficient and effective as possible. Powerful electric fans circulate up to 50,000 litres of air per hour, enough to dry a rain soaked car, with the filters being electrostatic to trap even the smallest particles.

Despite this impressive performance, running costs typically work out at less than £10 per year!

Lotus Elan in an Air Chamber, illustrating the side (pedestrian entrance) and front zip flap (at the top) which can be opened to increase airflow for drying a wet car.

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