Custom Peach Covers – Indoor

Our UK made custom Peachskin car covers fill a popular slot in the market between standard fit generic and single colour covers at around £100 and the thick, soft fleece lined custom made covers at £299.

Each cover is custom made to fit each model listed below – these are not generic covers or a set of various covers which fit each model to some varying degree. Each cover is hand made to order in the colour of your choice.

Our covers are typically £150, including VAT. They are also made to order in 2-3 days typically, with the option of a logo of your choice for an additional £30, which adds about 3 days. Illustrated below are a variety of logos we have produced, not all shown on this fabric.

Colours: Red, Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Green, Bright Green, Charcoal Grey, Stone

The fabric is soft and non scratch, with elasticated hems at both ends and optional underbody straps. They will keep out dust and insects, fitting snugly around spoilers and wing mirrors with custom made pockets*. The fabric is light shower resistant, so ideal for show cars or those needing outside protection on the odd occasion, but they are not fully waterproof and not intended for prolonged outdoor use. They are fully machine washable, light and easy to put on.

NEW PATTERNS (please phone to order):

If your car is not listed please contact us as we may already have the pattern, or can make one for your car.

All our car covers come in a generously sized drawstring bag of the same fabric.

We have made many bespoke covers for rare models from photographs and dimensions and are constantly increasing our pattern list. Please enquire if your car, bus, truck, trailer or whatever else you need to cover is not listed.

*some early patterns do not have mirror pockets

Car Covers Database

Select your car make and model from our database below. If you’re unsure or your car isn’t listed, please contact us – we may have the pattern or can work out the correct size for you