Waterproof & Breathable Outdoor Stretch Fit Covers

We’ve supplied these new technology covers since 2013, and they have delivered the superb performance that our fabric technologists have promised.

The Holy Grail for car covers has always been breathability to allow paintwork to avoid sweating, discolouration, and growth of algae, and 100% waterproofness to keep your car completely dry.

Why is this the best combination? A breathable cover can be put on a wet car, a waterproof one cannot. A cover that offers both features is the most flexible cover you can buy. This is that cover.

If your car is wet after a drive out you can put the cover on – moisture already on it will breathe back out, and new rain, snow or sleet will not penetrate it. Likewise, bird mess, tree sap and rain-borne industrial effluent will also be locked out. Your car will become dry, or remain dry, if the cover was applied dry.

Its wetsuit technology fabric is stretchy, and our 17 sizes will fit almost any car and look made for your model.
It’s also very soft and durable, and with its close fit won’t move about in even strong winds, thereby preventing scratching and marring. Its waterproof membrane will not degrade in bright sunlight and become crumbly, though continued bright sunlight may gradually fade the cover in parts.

These new car covers are suitable for indoor use too, as well as all climates outdoors. The covers come in black. With their soft, wetsuit-like fabric they are safe on even the most delicate paints and won’t scratch your treasured vehicle.

We have limited stock of custom made versions for Porsche 911 (996, 997, 991) and Mercedes SL R107 (1971-89) which benefit from a superb close fit and mirror pockets too, at £249, supplied in black.

Car Covers Database

Select your car make and model from our database below. If you’re unsure or your car isn’t listed, please contact us – we can work out the correct size for you.


Sizing and pricing is as follows:

Extra Small  Up to 3.80m long, 1.20mm tall, 1.65m wide WB-XS £172.00 Buy direct here
Small Up to 4.05m long, 1.20mm tall, 1.65m wide WB-S £179.00 Buy direct here
Medium Up to 4.30m long, 1.20m tall, 1.65m wide WB-M £189.00 Buy direct here
Large Up to 4.55m long, 1.20mm tall, 1.65m wide WB-L £199.00 Buy direct here
XL Up to 4.80m long, 1.30m tall, 1.65m wide WB-XL £209.00 Buy direct here
XXL Up to 5.10m long, 1.30m tall, 1.78m wide WB-XXL £219.00 Buy direct here
3XL Up to 5.33m long, 1.30m tall, 1.85m wide WBB-3XL £229.00 Buy direct here
4XL Up to 5.7m long, 1.52m tall, 1.95m wide WBB-4XL £239.00 Buy direct here
SUV S Up to 4.05m long, 1.45m tall, 1.78m wide WBB-SUV-S £249.00 Buy direct here
SUV M Up to 4.30m long, 1.45m tall, 1.85m wide WBB-SUV-M £259.00 Buy direct here
SUV L Up to 4.55m long, 1.45m tall, 1.85m wide WBB-SUV-L £269.00 Buy direct here
SUV XL Up to 4.80m long, 1.45m tall, 1.95m wide WBB-SUV-XL £279.00 Buy direct here
SUV 2XL Up to 4.8m long, 1.52m tall, 1.95m wide WBB-SUV-2XL £289.00 Buy direct here
SUV-3XL Up to 5.35m long, 1.52m tall, 1.95m wide WBB-SUV- 3XL £299.00 Buy direct here
SUV-4XL Up to 5.70m long, 1.60m tall, 2.03m wide WBB-SUV-4XL £309.00 Buy direct here
911 Custom made with mirror pockets for Porsche 911 (996, 997, 991), black only WBB-911 £249.00 Buy direct here
R107 Custom made with mirror pockets for Mercedes SL R107, black only WBB-R107 £249.00 Buy direct here


To order, use our database here to select the correct size or use this page to order your cover.