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The brilliant Rollout Car Cover - unique concertina garage

The most amazing roll out garage for your car is here ! 

A truly innovative solution to outdoor car storage if you don’t have a permanent garage but have space for one. This sturdy metal framed car cover runs on tracks and easily pulls over your car to make a strong, waterproof garage. It is proven capable of dealing with strong winds in exposed locations throughout the UK, including coastal and hilly regions.

Rollout Car Covers

Rollout Car Covers

Simply drive your car into its space and draw the cover over using the two pull handles on ropes– no effort is required, so it’s suitable for all. When not in use the cover folds back in a neat concertina style about 1m deep.

The cover, when rolled out, is secured to either the ground or alternative strong aluminium tyre plates which lock into the low profile track which the frame runs on, and which keep it fully in place by using the weight of your car. You can sink railway sleepers into gravel drives to secure it too.

Rollout Car Covers

The roll down front entry door includes industrial grade zips which can be held with a padlock for security. It ties up to allow you to access your car.

The marine-grade fabric is 100% waterproof and has side vents to allow circulation of air. An alternative is breathable marine-grade fabric which is highly water resistant.

Will it fit my car ?

Each cover is made to order and bespoke. Sizes from 4metres to 7 metres long, and 1.3m - 2.0m high can be made. So it will will even the longest luxury cars like Bentleys, Rolls Royces and American cars, with smaller ones offered for sports cars. Every cover is a standard 2.35m wide.

Will it fit my space ?

The Rollout car Cover is a standard 2.35m wide and is designed to fit within a UK standard 2.4m wide parking space.

Please contact us to discuss ordering your preferred size rollout cover or order on-line below.

How does it stay in place?

The weight of your car on the chequerplate wheel plates keeps it in place when the car is inside. You can secure the track to the ground with pegs or bolts but when rolled back its only around 1m thick, so presents a small profile. Typically they weigh 130kg so won't blow away. If you have a gravel driveway, lay railway sleepers down to secure the cover to.

What colour is it ?

There is a choice of 10 different colours, see the colour chart below.

Rollout Car Covers

  • Choice of colours
  • No contact with your car
  • Compresses into a neat 1m deep unit when not in use.
  • Made from marine canvas, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • No planning permission required (to the best of our knowledge)
  • Cheaper than a garage, and portable – take it with you if you move !
  • Options: side door, rear door, fabric colours, tyre plates.
  • An opening panel at the rear to allow access or to drive through if installed in front of a garage or gate is an option
  • Delivery is approx. 12 weeks from order, UK Mainland shipping is £75. For export and other areas please contact us.
  • Made in England from quality materials, built to last and withstand UK weather
  • 12 month warranty.
  • Viewable units around the UK.
  • Installation service available in certain areas at additional cost

Rollout Car Covers

Rollout Car Covers


Rollout Car Covers

*please note you have to fix down the track at the securing point at the front to allow the frame to lock into place when deployed

Rollout CarCover size options and pricing, including vat

When selecting height, note that the top of the cover doesn't fold and intrude into the inside of the cover except for the 1-2m nearest the rear, so we recommend a minimum of only 10cm above the height of your car. You may want more to give headroom to work inside it or to futureproof for taller cars.

Shorter covers can be made ie less than 4.8m long, also lower in height too. Ask for details.

1.3m £1499 £1599 £1699 £1799 £1899
1.4m £1549 £1649 £1749 £1849 £1949
1.5m £1599 £1699 £1799 £1899 £1999
1.6m £1649 £1749 £1849 £1949 £2049
1.7m £1699 £1799 £1899 £1999 £2099
1.8m £1749 £1849 £1949 £2049 £2149
1.9m £1799 £1899 £1999 £2099 £2199
2.0m £1849 £1949 £2049 £2149 £2249

Double length wheel plate is an extra £50 - ideal if you use it for different length cars as the differing wheelbases may mean wheels dont sit on the standard wheel plate

Breathable fabric is an extra £200 but as air will filter under the sides of the waterproof unit, you will have some airflow.

Delivery times/costs - up to 12 weeks from order:

UK = £75.00

Europe = £POA

Rest of world = £POA

Please note that the on-line ordering process automatically adds £70 shipping and you will need to add just our standard £3.95 at Checkout. The product weighs over 130kg depending on your size an dtakes 1-2 hours to fully assemble..


Order your Rollout Cover here...

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