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Race Glaze

Morethanpolish is the largest distributor for British-made Race Glaze products and has stocked them since 2003. Many of our customers are regular buyers who appreciate the ease of use, superb results and quality of this growing brand. Whether you are a professional detailer, classic, modern, sports or everyday car owner we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

See all Race Glaze products here    New Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes

New Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers    Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth

Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax    Nano Sealant for lasting Protection

So, you’re willing to spend time making your car look good, and protecting it against the elements. But just how much time do you want to give up?

Race Glaze

The truth is you could spend all day every day adding that extra protection and extra shine.  The problem is that such an approach doesn’t do much for your social life, and leaves little time to drive the car.

Which is why we suggest Race Glaze – the route to better protection and a better look, in half the time.

For those who would rather drive than polish.

See all Race Glaze products here    New Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes

New Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers    Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth

Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax

Product Reviews

Race Glaze Leather Cleaner - Auto Express, January 2009 - Four stars awarded

'Looking like golden syrup, this cleaner tackled the drinks as if they were merely water, and the chocolate was dispensed in seconds. But the pen marks proved too tough............ Nevertheless, this is a strong choice, and only narrowly missed out on a podium place due to its high price.' (MTP comment: pen stains were c 2 weeks old - fresh ink is removed).

Race Glaze are Official Polish Suppliers to:

Westfield                            Vanwall                 TIPEC

 Westfield Sportscars                   Vanwall Cars Ltd           Concours Sponsor 2007/8/9

QVCRace Glaze products have passed the rigorous quality standards of QVC and are regularly demonstrated live on-air.


“I'm totally converted by the deep shine and ease of use - this is superb stuff. I recommend it. ”
Ron Champion, fleet of 6 classic Jaguars
"Crèm Perfection protects the difficult red paintwork on both my classic Alfas. It gives a brilliant finish."
Phil Speight, Alfa 75 Cloverleaf & Alfa GTV
"..easy to use, leaves a superb swirl-free finish. It’s a lot better than Autoglym, Meguiars, Turtle Wax."
Rob MacPherson, VW Golf
"I’ll be sticking with the best."
Andy Molloy, Ford Focus ST 170
"A mirror finish!"
Steve Marsh, Caterham SV

Our experience of stocking these products has been entirely positive and we recommend you try just one product if you’re new to the range. We’re sure you’ll be impressed, and are of course happy to advise you. Race Glaze is not available in shops, but read what others have said, totally unprompted, about these terrific products.

See all Race Glaze products here    New Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes

New Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers    Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth

Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax

Four steps to a perfect finish by Mark Wibberley

Race Glaze products work in exactly the same way as systems such as Meguiars, Zymol, Swissvax/Swissol etc – a series of 4 steps to achieve the perfect long lasting shine. Its one that top valeters such as DPN, Perfection Detailing,, Masterclass Detailing, Autocare Solihull, Polished Bliss and prestige car sales companies like The Ferrari Centre, Autofarm (Porsche), Dick Lovett, Nick Cartwright, Runnymede Motors (classic Aston Martin), Desmond Smail and owners of modest everyday cars, supercars, classics and modern classics have learnt gives great results for the minimum effort.

Step 1 - Wash the car
Never use a sponge as their bubbles hold grit which makes a perfect scouring pad. Use a natural sheepskin wash mitt or 'safe' sponge, all available on this site. You can dry it off with a OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel, water blade or chamois – chmaois are fading though as microfibre is much easier and safer. I suggest you use 2 buckets – one for your shampoo, one with clean water to rinse your mitt in. Our Aqua Bathe shampoo is pH balanced, salt free and adds Carnauba every time you wash the car. Signature AquaGlide is mor econcentrated and without wax. Neither will strip your wax.

Step 2 - Clay Bar
Beloved by serious detailers, the results are surprising. The clay, a fine synthetic substance material like plasticine, which is lubricated by special liquid provided lifts anything stuck to the paint surface – overspray, tar, flies, bird mess residue, bonded on brake dust – in fact all the stuff that stops the paintwork feeling glass-smooth. A clay bar kit will treat several cars, but you’ll only need to use it every year or so, maybe more on the front of the car if its heavily used in the summer. This step is optional.

Step 3 - Pre Wax treatment
Just like other systems, the paint cleansing stage removes swirl marks and fine surface scratches – Clay Bar remember only pulls matter off the surface. This stage lifts dead paint off the car and smoothes the paint surface, with oils penetrating the paint to nourish and refresh it. You’ll only have to repeat this stage when you next want to really start from essentials. Again, many people with good paint omit this stage but if you're layering wax, best to have clean paint for the wax to bond to. Our oil-rich Signature Series Pre Wax Cleanser is non abrasive and can be applied outside in sunlight easily.

Step 4 - 'Polish'
Once the car is prepared, and the key is preparation, you can apply the top coat that gives the shine. Nothing beats Carnauba Wax for a deep, long lasting shine – its sets as hard as concrete, protecting the car from stone chips, bird lime and fine scratches, filling some scratches and making it much easier to wash the car as dirt is stuck to the wax, not the paint. Expect the shine and water beading to last 2-3 months with Crem Perfection, up to 6 months or more with the new Signature Series waxes. Note that 'polishing' is an abrasive action, so this stage is more correctly referred to as 'protection'.

The wax can be applied with a soft cloth or foam applicator pad, buffed with our Microfibre cloths. Crèm Perfection is our longest established product, easy to apply. Many customers only use this product – if the paint is good, you can achieve great results with just this and Aqua Bathe Carnauba Wax shampoo, which tops up the shine every time you wash the car. For a Concours-class result, 42 and 55 wax have developed a very strong reputation worldwide. Black Label and the new Hybrid Ultrawaxes take this to new levels.

Note that you do not need a final ‘glaze / sealant’ with our products – Carnauba Wax in Crèm Perfection and Signature series waxes do that job.

There are other suppliers products available to you, which you can mix and match to some extent, but ensure any shampoo is salt free, pH neutral and doesn’t strip your wax off. Other polishes are often just that – if I had a pound for every time Autoglym or Mer users told me about the dust (chalk is an abrasive and used to bulk up the product) and white marks on trim I’d be driving a Ferrari ! Many cheap products are petrochemical based so the shine only lasts a few days, but you need to ask yourself one simple question: Is my pride and joy, with its expensive to replace paintwork, worth scrimping a few pounds on when it comes to the product I use? And do I want to spend hours with two sorts of cutting paste, plus a wax and a sealer, or do I want to get the job done well, with minimal effort?

See all Race Glaze products here    New Race Glaze Signature series paste waxes

New Signature Pre-Wax Cleansers    Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth

Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax

Your choice, but if you want ‘admiration without effort’ or advice, please call us!


Customer Reviews

FeeFo Feedback
Date Customer Score Customer Comment

Very good and effective product


Very poor quality plastic fittings . First time I used the filter as directed in the instruction connected to shorter hose to minimise the distance the clean water travels the filter fell over and both fittings broke !!!!!!

On 10-Jun-2016 the supplier responded:
This set of connectors is listed as and intended for a more permanent, plumbed in installation, with right angled connections which are vulnerable to damage if used on a filter that is moved about.
The fittings are high quality but simply not suited to the way you planned to use the filter. If you havent sourced a replacement set please contact us as we will gladly send you the more suitable in-line ones which I have used personally for 3 years without incident.


Vedenpehmennin toimii hyvin

Leon B Tetherton

Saves lots of time and hassle by eliminating those agravating watermarks

D. Youngson

For an inexpensive option to a foam lance, it is a great quality